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Use our specially customized mask kits for your peace of mind. With five kits to choose from, your PPE for the day is ready to go, everyday and anytime. Each kit is packaged individually, keeping stock free from contaminants. No worry of dirty hands contaminating an entire box or stock. It's easy.  It's convenient.  For busy lives. 

Stay Safe.  Stay Protected.

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Our Story

Dogs have been peoples best friend for centuries, and more recently, our trusted service dogs have helped guide us through life's tribulations.  Shortly after World War I, service dogs were first trained to assist the soldiers left blind from the war.  Today, services dogs can be found assisting and playing a number of roles.  

Dalmatians have a long history going back several hundred years, and are known as the firehouse dog.  At Patch Medical, we want to honor our front-line workers, and our long trusted companion, so we chose Patch, as our mascot and reminder of why we do what we do.




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